Titan Tinting & Wraps


"Hey, I'm Drew, a Vehicle Wrapper & Window Tinter in Peterborough. And I am obsessed with vehicle customising."

I have been passionate about customising vehicles for a long time and over the years worked on many different vehicles from cars and motorbikes to boats and tractors. I pride myself on honesty, hard work and providing excellent customer service.


Titan Tinting & Wraps was founded in November 2019 in Peterborough specialising in Window Tinting, Car Wrapping and Vehicle Wrapping in Peterborough. The company started with myself and partner and we remain very much a family business.


I wanted to start Titan Tinting & Wraps to provide a better work/life balance for myself and my family while working in an area that I love, giving me more time and passion to put in to my work for my customers. The road to starting Titan Tinting & Wraps was a tough one, not being in business or self-employed before there were many learning curves and many things I had to learn in a short space of time. Needless to say every day in this industry is different and the cars and vehicles I get to see and work on are wonderful and really drive me to be the best.


Coming from a background in motor racing I have always had a keen eye for livery design and expressing my personality through the colours represented on my bike. I believe you can show who you are and express yourself through how your vehicle looks. This is why I have such a passion for car wrapping, vehicle wrapping, window tinting and commercial wrapping as it tells onlookers a story of who you are and what you represent.


The vision we have for Titan Tinting & Wraps is to be the stand out company for premium Vehicle Wraps, Car Wraps and Window Tints in the UK.

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