Titan Tinting & Wraps


20th February 2020

The Beginning of Titan

I searched everywhere for help, advice and guidance on how to get started in window tinting and vehicle wrapping. My experience was, I found not a lot of helpful information. So I decided to put together a series of Blogs explaining my Journey in to the industry in hope it will inspire and help others do the same

My First Steps…

I searched and searched and then I searched some more for training courses on how to tint windows. I came across some helpful people and some not so helpful people but after about 3 months of researching I narrowed my search down to two courses the first being with Prestige Wrap & Customs based in London and the second Avery Dennison who’s courses are run from Funkee Fish in Colchester. I contacted both and decided Avery Dennison was the one for me (mainly because they are a film manufacture and the qualification seemed more reputable). I booked the course and was buzzing to get started.


My Process…


I decided that I wanted to get all of the background admin for my new business venture sorted before I attended the course with Avery Dennison, that way I could hit the ground running once I had completed the course and start properly in the Industry. Below I have bullet pointed the steps I took to get sorted…

  • Decided on a Business Name

  • Created a Logo

  • Social Media Sites (Instagram & Facebook)

  • Website

  • Understanding SEO for Website (Window Tinting Peterborough)

  • General flyer design


The Course…


Attending the course as with anything new I was a little apprehensive, not sure what to expect and didn’t want to be that one who didn’t understand what was going on, however once in the door the guys at Funkee Fish instantly put my mind at ease and the course Trainer Dan who works both for Avery Dennison and runs Auto Tintz Doncaster was very helpful. It soon became apparent that Dan who has been in the industry for something like 20 years would become quite an integral part and almost a mentor to me not only during the 2 days of the course but also ongoing throughout the early stages of starting up the business.

The course itself was 2 days broken in to a small amount of theory behind the films, how they work and how they are made up and then mainly practical hands on experience. There was 4 of us on the course, all total newbies and all keen to get the skills under our belt. Dan guided us through various techniques and best practises and gave us a great intro in to how to fit film to different glass types. By the end of the course I felt moderately confident I could go out and do it by myself.


Final Training Stages…


Once completing the course it became very apparent that practise was key to getting this new skill locked down. I practised anywhere I could, my own car, friends cars, my families cars and just fitting film, removing it and fitting it again until I was happy I had it on lock, any issues that came up I spoke to Dan (the trainer) send him a picture and he would explain what I had done wrong and how to fix it or not do it again. I cant stress enough how invaluable his input has been to me in my learning.

My next blog will be about my next steps, how I find work and bits I done wrong or wish I had done sooner.


Below I have included a couple of links relating to companies and training facilities I used.