Titan Tinting & Wraps


14th FEBRUARY 2021

Moving in to 2021 things have stepped up a gear (a small gear, but still a gear). I think this can be contributed to a couple of things, investing in a properly built website, (thanks Yellow Bear Marketing), some great support from Matt again at Matts Wraps and creating some great networking relationships with Reece at Built Detailing. I can’t recommend enough creating these types of relationships with businesses in a similar sector and line of work. Most people will assume you are rivals or fighting for the same business however if done properly it can be a very fruitful and rewarding partnership to have. Referring business to and from each other and helping each other out when needed if just a handful of the benefits it can provide

I have a very strong feeling about helping others out who are just starting up and knowing how hard it was for me to get Titan up and running I want to pass down the bits I have learnt and hopefully I have done just that with Reece from Built Detailing, originally about a year ago Reece was one of my first customers for window tints and fast forward to now he is beginning his journey in to vehicle detailing so if you need any detailing or valeting done make sure to hit him up.


As for the remainder of 2021 I have set my goals and it’s good to get them out to be held accountable to them so here are my goals for 2021 for Titan Tinting & Wraps.


Main Goal – Bike Livery Design & Fitting

Sub Goals – Design & Fit out my own unit.


That’s it for this section, short and sweet. I will be trying to post more often from now on so stayed tuned.