Titan Tinting & Wraps


13th October 2020

Before getting in to the bulk of this blog I wanted to touch on a few points that I wish I new back then in Feb and that may help others in their journey.


– Practice, practice, practice. The amount of cars out there you can never practice enough, I found out I was great at doing some cars but others I struggled with, the more practice you get in the better.


– Get the right tools first time, having the right tools has saved me so much time and effort in the long run, when I started back in Feb I had a squeegee a heat gun and some trim removal tools. Now I have a tool box full of bits and bobs and my life is much easier.

Let me set this scene for you……


It was March 2020, things were good, life was good and covid-19 was a whisper that didn’t seem to serious. Business was starting to pick up and with a few teething problems and quickly learning tinting windows was actually harder than I first thought things on the whole were going well and then IT happened.


Covid-19 strikes and out of nowhere things change, how you deal with customers, how you take payments and how you stay on the right side of the interesting guidelines set out by her majesties government. It was a right ball ache but with anything bad there is normally a silver lining and that silver lining came in the way of my man Matt from Matts Wraps www.mattswraps.co.uk.


Some of you may know I started off due to cost as a mobile window tinter I had a 4.5m x 3m gazebo and my tools which I would somehow squeeze in to my 3 door Audi A3 and then I moved up in the world and got a Transit Connect. Anyway the winter months Feb March and even April were a right pain in the arse with the gazebo, wind and rain would stop me getting to customers at the risk of it flying away and it was just not the best situation. Being new and not having any prior investment I needed to find somewhere I could go when the weather was crap and this is where I found Matt.


Matt has been on his journey in car wrapping for a little longer than me about a year I believe. When I approached Matt to see if I could rent/use a space in his unit he was so helpful and new what position I was in as he was there not so long ago. We agreed on a deal and I have been with him ever since. Over this whole Covid era we managed to work a great working relationship referring customers to and from each other, he would refer me tinting from his wrap clients and I would refer my tinting clients to him for wraps, it just worked well and in a time where things were so up in the air it provided me and Titan with an invaluable source of income. So much so that it has confirmed to me that this is where I want to spend then next 30/40 years of my life building something for me, my family and and future family that might come along for the ride. So as much doom and gloom as there is with Covid-19 it is possible to take something positive way from it.


Matt has helped me massively not just by our agreement but learning from him and id like to say he has learnt something from me but you would have to ask him that. Without his input Titan Tinting wouldn’t be were it is today (still small but bigger than it was). At the time of writing this its actually his birthday so Happy Birthday.